Cosplay Chronology

Doll, 2015
Photo by Sweet Light Studios

Samurai Jack (genderbent), 2016
Photo by FotoKai Photography

Edea Kramer, 2016
Photo by Toshi Studios, edited by Carmilla Jo

Sieglinde Sullivan, 2016
Photo by Terrence Taylor

Mosquito Girl, 2016
Photo by DietaryFiber Photography

Lust, 2016
Photo by Terrence Taylor

Mikasa Antoinette, 2016
Photo by Kelly Dun

Courage the Cowardly Dog, 2016
Photo by Terrence Taylor

Hanzo Shimada (genderbent), 2017
Photo by Keiseyku

Emily the Strange, 2017
Photo by Salvatore Ventura, MUAH by Terry Alabata

Samurai Jack Season 5 Armored Version (genderbent), 2017
Photo by Terrence Taylor

Sieglinde Sullivan, kimono version designed by Carmilla Jo,
Photo by Andy Phung

Chise Hatori, with Soujourn Creations as Elias Ainsworth, 2018
Photo by Cospi Photography

Zhu Que Mercy, 2018
Photo by Soul Studios

Aggretsuko, 2018

Lucy Heartfilia, with Soujourn Creations as Natsu, 2018
Photo by Chen Photography

Rachel Chu, 2018
Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi

Lust 2.0, 2018
Photo by Andy Phung

Ashi & Samurai Jack, 2019
Photo by Soul Studios

Kotobukiya Street Fighter Chun-Li Bishoujo Statue variant, 2019, commissioned by T-Mobile

Aku, 2020
Photo by Alexandra Lee Studios

Haru, 2020


All of my cosplays in chronological order.

Everything made by me unless otherwise noted.